If you suffer from a wet basement, wall cracks, basement leaks or flooding, or any type of moisture and mildew in your basement, we can help!

Do you need a professional basement waterproofing system?
A wet basement is a common problem in all types of basements – from poured concrete to stone to block. If you have an uncomfortable basement living space, whether it has a musty odor or a basement leak, our highly-qualified team of inspectors can assess your situation and educate you about the causes of your particular concerns. We can provide you with a comprehensive waterproofing solution to give you a dry basement and keep it free of odor.

Typically, when a house is built, a hole is dug into the earth. If it were to rain, we expect such a hole to fill with water. When we put the house into the hole, the same thing happens – water fills the hole in the more loose backfill soil around the foundation (closest to the home).

Whether you are selling your house, or would just like to enjoy more living space within your home, investing money into fixing a wet basement is always worth it. During the selling of a home, there’s a disclosure form which asks the seller about the known defects in the basement. There is no hiding the fact that you have a wet basement. Fixing your wet basement is a lot cheaper than not fixing your wet basement. Especially with our lifetime-duration transferable warranty.

You may have a basement leakage problem if you can spot one or more of the following danger signs in your basement:

  • Water seepage from your basement walls or floors.
  • General dampness in your basement.
  • Warped paneling or dry rot.
  • Cracks in your basement walls or floors.
  • Mildew or fungus.
  • A musty odor originating from your basement.
  • Tile lifting from your basement floor.
  • Rust on your furnace or water tank.
  • White powder on your basement walls.
  • Termites or other insect infestation.
  • Peeling paint on your basement walls.
  • Buckling or bowing basement walls.

You may have a serious problem if you notice one or more of these warning signs. Water in your basement can cause many problems to your home’s interior and the foundation, another hazardous problem that comes with a wet basement is mold and mildew, certain types of mold can be toxic to you and can trigger deadly asthma symptoms. Not to mention the longer you wait, the more damage water can do to the structure of your property, and the more it will cost to repair your foundation.

In most cases, fixing a wet basement problem early can save time and money in the long run. All you need is a simple and FREE waterproofing Inspection to locate the basement concerns, and our waterproofing experts will show you how to fix them.

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